Bought myself some “natural” Pure CBD crystal from CBD Wellness NM, Arrived in AUS

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Bought myself a gram of this, i intended to mix it with my shatter to make some more “medical” dabs, and of course try it alone.

Whilst pretty pricey at around 200AUD, my reasoning for purchase was that with this 1g of cbd, i could alter around 5 grams of shatter to have a total of around %20 cbd, this was in hopes to replicate a strain i one had called harlequin.

Harlequin is a high cbd sativa, which gives the best wake n bake high ever, very calm but takes you wayyyy up with the right sized dab. Also loved mixing it with other high THC strains to get the benefits of both worlds, the ‘entourage’ effect.

As well as to replicate the high thc high cbd effects, i thought itd be interesting to try the cbd alone, or dabbed to see effects.

As im on a thc break at present, i have not yet tried the cbd thc mix..

Took 2 weeks for the cbd to arrive in AUS, came in a little amber glass vial, pure white crystals, anyone else would have thought this is something a little more serious than it was.

Excited as i was, i mixed 50mg of CBD crystal with 5ml of pg juice i have used before (no nic), to create a nice potency mix, as i really wanted to see the cbd effects in full form.

It took me a while but heating and shaking dissolved all of the cbd in the mix, about an hour it took me, time to test!

Used the mix through a kanger genitank running 10watts for about 5 mins.

At about the 3 minute mark, I noticed very subtle relaxation, slight carelessness, slight blunting in emotion, and a subtle light headedness and my pain from working out was less noticeable.

Slightly dissapointed, but knowing all well cbd wasnt going to give me any sort of recreational effect alone, i thought it was still pretty cool as there was effects. I could use a bit on work break, on the way home, nice! beats nicotene for sure, that just gives me headaches.

I gave it to my girlfriend to try who puffed it for a couple minutes, she said there was a very ever so slight feeling as if she was ‘on’ something, but not definitely noticeable. She suffers from anxiety but was not anxious at the time, so i am yet to see how it works with her medically.

Nontheless i went to bed, had a decent sleep. but awoke the next morning with a bit of an irritated chest.

I was not smoking any other substances at the time so it seemed clear it was from the juice. cbd alone or just the juice? im not sure, ive used the juice many times before with no problems, but the new inclusion of cbd i have not had much experience with.

Skeptical, i avoided using this juice anymore as not to aggravate the issue. Since then i tried using the crystals, and dabbing from a rig, all with very subtle effects, barely noticeable at all.

On a more serious note, i have since then had a horrible wheeze which has lasted around 3 weeks now which is really irritating. i am constantly trying to cough out the noisy phlegmy nuisance in my airways, at first it would work and normal breathing returned without a wheeze, but now it seems the wheeze is not going away at all.

This is concerning for me as the wheeze is very off putting and impacts my running ability. It just wont go away!

im going to visit a doctor in the coming days to hopefully fix this problem, which i hope can be fixed, and that i havent damaged my lungs or airway permanantly…

to my understanding this was a natural hemp extract, which is advertised as coming in various different forms. Basically like some charlottes web but without the thc.

All in all, not very cool…

I hope my chest gets better, and that i can safely mix this with my extracts, or else this will be a big money blow on my part….

Have any of you guys had experience with this product? “sandia cbd crystal”

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