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Apr 28 2017 0 Comments Tags: Green Roads

Cannabis Life Radio is the only radio show in the country that talks everything cannabis. Ranging from controversial topics like medical marijuana, hemp products, cannabinoids, CBD and everything in between that's cannabis. The show is helmed by our founder Arby Barroso, and cannabis law Attorney and Activist Sherill Murray Powell. 

Serving as your centerpiece for the latest cannabis news, some of the topics tackled include:

  • The progress that States are making as the transition is made to a medical Cannabis state.
  • Benefits of CBD & THC
  • The stigma and controversy surrounding the plant
  • Laws that affect its consumption
  • The business side of Cannabis
  • How individuals can get involved in the community
  • Answering listeners questions
  • Hot topics 
  • and much more!

Ready to tune in?

Airing on Sundays 4-6 PM on 850 WFTL and LIVE on Facebook.

Have a question, concern, topic or just want to be a part of the show?

Call us at  (877) 850-8585   


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