Sponsorship Program

Green Roads is proud to announce the launch of our CBD Foundation called THE EJ FOUNDATION. This is a nonprofit company that is benefiting from financial donations (companies and direct individuals) who want to help support our company’s mission. The mission is to be able to provide as much CBD products to the public FREE of charge for individuals and families who are need of the products. This sponsorship program is going to be sophisticated and as helpful as we can be for these families. The EJ Foundation is determined to educate the public on the benefits of CBD , and help as many families in need as we can.

How it works

Apply to become a Green Roads Sponsored Family


Write your story on greenroadsstories.com


You will receive a confirmation email with a discount code and a ticket number.


If your ticket number is selected then we will contact you directly to get started.

What will Green Roads World do?

Every new wholesale client we will donate $10.00 everyone we acquire.

We will donate a fixed amount of money every quarter to our foundation.

We will manufacture the CBD products for selected families

How can you help ?

Go to our website at www.EJFoundation.com to learn more and donate to an amazing cause.

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Go to our Green Roads website at www.greenroadsworld.com to learn more and donate in our checkout section.

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