CBD Coffee

Brand: Green Roads World

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Manufactured By: Green Roads
Product Coffee Coffee


Ingredients: Rich Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Coffee Rich Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Coffee
Amount Per Dose 84 mg per 3 oz 84 mg per 3 oz
What's Inside? 6 oz 3 oz


Application To drink To drink

Product Information

CBD Coffee

Green Roads and Steep Fuze out of Colorado have partnered to create Cannabidiol (CBD) infused coffee. Gerry, the Co-Founder of Steep Fuze has been blind since birth, and when Gerry roasts he relies solely on his heightened senses of smell and hearing. He controls the roast based on aroma and sound of the beans crackling. Roasting an African-based bold coffee soaked in Full-Spectrum CBD, this coffee exemplifies natures wonders providing a dose of caffeine while taking the edge off.

-No prescription or card needed!


CBD Coffee is sold in:

  • 3oz packages containing 84mg of CBD 
  • 6oz packages containing 168mg of CBD 
100% Industrial Organic Hemp 

-84 MG PER 3 oz

-168 MG PER 6 oz

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Key Benefits

Caffeine infused, rich taste, New product

Caffeine infused, rich taste, New product


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