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Cluster of CBD Infused Products- Know What Green Roads Has To Offer

Post the legal validation of CBD, the non-psychotic cannabinoid across the country, research scientists took their exploration to the next level. The licensed pharmacists at Green Roads have made it a point to continue adding new CBD products after researching every bit about its efficacy as an end product. Their dedication and enthusiasm have led us to a point where we can now flaunt our extensive cluster of 35+ unique SKU CBD items.

Our Offerings:

  • CBD oils: Formulated using the purest crystalline isolates and broad spectrum CBD, our CBD oils are available in 6 different CBD concentrations.
  • CBD terpenes: Terpenes are the naturally occurring in the plants responsible for the taste and smell of it. Our extraction process enables us to extract the most efficient terpenoids which we mingle with fruity extracts to proffer 5 enticing flavors.
  • CBD Capsules: Chosen preferably for its convenience of ingestion, CBD capsules are available in a bottle and in a small pack. The bottle consists of 14 capsules and the pack has 4 capsules, each offering 25 Mg of CBD.
  • CBD Edibles: The second most preferred CBD infused products is CBD edibles. An array of Green Roads edibles include candies, gummies, froggies, and much more in assorted flavors.
  • CBD Concentrates: Available in the most concentrated forms, CBD concentrates at Green Roads have three variants. CBD crumbles, CBD shatters, and CBD isolates. If you are looking to vape the purest CBD extracts, these concentrates should do.
  • CBD Pain Creams: Pain Be Gone hemp cream from Green Roads is formulated for a direct application on the affected area. For people suffering from arthritis and other chronic inflammation and pain issues, CBD cream has proven to be a great help.
  • CBD Syrups: An alternative for everyone who despises sublingual CBD application. With two variants in CBD concentrations, 60 Mg and 100 Mg, CBD syrups are available in two flavors- grape and cherry.
  • CBD Beverages: We have partnered with the finest coffee brand to create a commendable amalgamation of CBD and coffee beans. CBD teas and coffees have worked wonders for regular CBD users.

Don’t forget to check our complete range of CBD infused products even if you are here to buy CBD oil.