About Us

Green Roads (est. 2012) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Cannabidiol/hemp derived CBD oil, with over 5,000 wholesale clients and over one million end users. Green Roads distributes its world-class CBD products throughout the USA and holds our product to the highest standards. Green Roads products are formulated by a compounding licensed pharmacist in an ISO6 clean room to ensure the highest quality finished products. For information about who we are and how we produce our CBD products, read visit "Green Roads CBD" page. Our industry leading reputation is based off our genuine quality and business practices. As CBD continues to be researched and studied, Green Roads is positioned to be at the forefront of these trials. Our products are lab tested to ensure the accuracy and quality of ingredients we use in all formulations. With over 40 products lines, we offer a diverse selection of hemp-derived products that can suit any consumers’ needs. Green Roads takes pride in an effective delivery system with our diverse product line, professional staff, and stick to the quality that separates the Green Roads brand from the rest of the growing CBD industry.

We believe,

"There's Always a Natural Alternative"




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