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Green Roads is the leading manufacturer and supplier of CBD finished goods in the United States. Our compounding licensed pharmacist, Laura Baldwin Fuentes (RPH) with over 20 years experience and 4 years directly working with cannabidiol products, formulates all of our products in an ISO 6 clean room. Green Roads has become a CBD industry leader by manufacturing the widest selection of pharmacist formulated finished goods and custom formulations in the industry. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past year due to demand for

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past year due to demand for high-quality CBD products. Since early 2016 revenue has increased from $100,000 per month to over $1,000,000. Green Roads currently manufactures over 45 products that can be found in over 3000 retail locations. Including but not limited to smoke shops, medical facilities, and health food stores throughout the country. Our national network of wholesalers and distributors allow us to continuously launch new product lines successfully in all 50 states.

Infrastructure resources include a corporate office, ISO 6 clean room, and a 6000sq. ft. distribution facility through which we manufacture, package, and ship. Green Roads also manufactures over 20 private white label brands for some of the most notable CBD companies in the industry. (,, The company is continuing to grow and create strategic partnerships in diverse industries and emerging international markets.

Green Roads Wellness is the company’s newest line of medicinal grade products designed especially for the health care industry that can only be found in medical facilities. The mission is to offer users a safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, toxic prescription drugs, and promote overall wellness. The company has formed a strong strategic partnership with Dr. Lynn Meister, the head oncologist at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. She has referred 14 patients to Green Roads that are suffering from seizures, nausea, and pain due to chemo/radiation treatments. We have decided to sponsor these families.

In total, the company is sponsoring over 40 families and has recently created “The EJ Foundation”. EJ is a young boy who was suffering from chronic seizures due to a non-cancerous tumor in his brain. Since using our 1500mg CBD oil daily his seizures have been reduced from 5-10 occurrences a day to 0-2 a week.

We are now registered with the FDA and moving into phase 1 clinical trials with a patented trademark CBD formula.  In addition, our products are being used in a number of clinical trials and research studies. 


Yale University
Research study on a CBD, turmeric and GABA formulation for Neuropathic pain.
Contact: Dr. Daniel Kiddy

Medical University of South Carolina
Department of Neurosurgery
3-year study on brain tumors in remission after chemo/Pain management using our crystal isolate.
Contact: Stephen Frederico

Laura Fuentes, CEO
Laura Fuentes is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Green Roads of Florida. She has more than 22 years of experience as a Registered Pharmacist (R.Ph.) and is an active member of the Broward County Pharmacy Association (BCPA) and a foregoing member of the Board of Directors. Under her direction, Green Roads has developed its own proprietary line of cannabinoid-based products and is currently under consideration by the FDA for a study grant and patent approval. Laura was also the compounding Pharmacist involved in a study with two Podiatrists, Dr. Daniel Kiddy and Dr. Daniel Brandwein, for the effects of CBD in neuropathy. Apart from her as Founder and CEO of Green Roads of Florida, Fuentes is also the lead pharmacist for the company.