CBD manufacturer urges public to use caution when shopping CBD products

Oct 26 2017 2 Comments

DAVIE, Fla. – Green Roads, a leading manufacturer, and supplier of Cannabidiol (CBD) finished goods in the U.S. is urging the public to use caution when shopping for CBD products, due to a lack of regulatory oversight and restrictions.

With Halloween quickly approaching, THC laced products falsely labeled as “CBD with no THC” have become a hot topic for parents and state regulators. For example, North Carolina Alcohol Law. 

Enforcement, which oversees the state’s tobacco program, recently published a press release cautioning the public of impure CBD infused vapor and edible products.

According to the release, multiple CBD branded products being sold at convenience stores across the state have been discovered to contain THC and other impurities, regardless of advertising and labeling.

Unlike those products, Green Roads products are manufactured from 100-percent- certified industrial hemp, not marijuana, and are in full compliance with the U.S. Farm Bill. Green Roads products contain zero THC, and they do not fall under the purview of the medical marijuana laws thereby making them legal in all 50 states.

“At Green Roads, we encourage consumers to make sure they are doing their homework when considering using these products. They should always request third-party lab test results that include a thorough analysis, which tests not only potency and purity of the ingredients on the label, but also for heavy metals, pesticides, and other pollutants, which may be harmful to your health,” said Laura Fuentes, RPh, CEO and co-founder of Green Roads and Green Roads’ Wellness product line specifically designed for healthcare providers.

Green Roads utilizes strict screening protocols to ensure quality and purity. All raw compounds are lab tested by the company and by a third party lab during the manufacturing process.

One common misconception is that CBD is used for recreational use like THC laced products and marijuana. “Because of the way CBD blocks THC activity in the brain, it is known as a CB1 antagonist.

Antagonists are basically substances that interfere with or inhibit the physiological actions of another substance,” said Fuentes. “When CBD is introduced into the brain, it causes these receptors to function at 100 percent, thereby reducing any anxiety. The serotonin receptors, when CBD is present, work to reduce depression and contribute to creating balance in a large number of neurological and biological systems.”

For more information on Green Roads, the company’s retail products, and medical CBD studies visit us at:
https://www.greenroadsworld.com and https://www.greenroadswellness.com.

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  • Where do we find your (and other companies’) independent-lab test results?

    Rose on
  • I just started my 11 year old Labrador on the oil I think so far it’s working really good I’ll keep you updated it’s only day 2

    Denisr on

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